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Organic high quality ingredients
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owned, founded and ran by a proud dog mama of two fur babes that understands the importance of your dogs health and happiness. Not to mention; achieving such happiness through all natural, clean, and safe recourses. 


The benefits of hemp aren't just for humans!

CBD is a compound with countless health benefits found in the magical hemp plant! No worries, there is absolutely no THC in our treats. Instead every cookie is packed with organic plant based goodness (Including health benefitting botanicals) and CBD to improve your pups overall health!

Our treats can help if your dog suffers from any sort of discomfort.

All things including but not limited to; cancer pains, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, stress, muscle health, skin and coat health, sleep habits, and so on.


*Each bag contains 100 MG of 99.8% pure CBD*

(20 daily doses)

We are always WHEAT, CORN,  AND SOY FREE


Made with love and by hand in a small kitchen in west Michigan. Rosco the pit bull and Tucker the chihuahua have taste tested and given their approval on every batch!

I'm a dog mama that understands the importance of your dogs health and happiness.


Organic Plant Based ingredients


From the bananas to the CBD; everything in our treats are there for a reason. Like we've said before our number one goal is to help as many dogs as possible with the natural healing powers of plants! So thats all we need. some organic plants, some baking, and a lot of good vibes. You can feel good about giving our treats to your pup, they are healthy and clean but yet so delicious to your fur babe.

What's better than that?

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